Swiss designer Mattia Bonetti outlines his latest creations at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York from February 11 13 2010 March. Furniture at the border of art and design.

interior architect and designer based in Vienna, Denis Belenko designed this lamp. With its truncated lampshade and unstable foot, she finds the balance once against the wall, flirting with the architecture.

Perched high on steel feet, this lamp of Swiss designer Adrien Rovero defines the space of reading. By the light it broadcasts but also by its spatial extent. And the object becomes a place.

Nina Tolstrup, designer of London Studiomama, working the solids and voids to create this buffet. Pierced right through and equipped with hidden compartments, "Reveal" we offer a contemporary reinterpretation of the secret to furniture.

This sofa is made of recycled paper bags inflatable initially used in rigging of cargo in shipping containers.

Imagined by Aurelien Veyrat the design studio AAVRA, this ladder-shaped shelf prompts the user to store his books by wedging them between the bars or by placing them in balance. Unusual, irrational, surreal.

A little further down the aisles of "Maison et Objet", discover the foundation of modular Cerruti Baleri, the Kristalia stand, stools of 100x100 Design and space of Targa Italia editor.

During our visit "Maison et Objet", we also spotted the furniture and fixtures pleated in Molo, folding chairs in Vange and Arketipo the library system.
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