Young Japanese designer, Yota Kakuda imagined this concept doorknob reminder. A simple and clever idea that will save you slam your door and forget your keys or your shopping list.

The French company Bleu Nature provides these wall panels made up of small sections of driftwood. Assemblies as pixels, they create relief, and vibration.

Designer of Shanghai, Liu Zhili draws birds to create this series of fixtures. Simple and poetic.

Germany, Wiesenburg Castle, stands the stairs signed Garbage Architecture. A staircase made of timbers from old wood floors and old castle structure elements.

Between library and magazine rack, this small cabinet rubber prompts the user to drag books and magazines in its interstices, penetrating through and through.

Conceived by Alex Creamer, "NYC Spaghetti" is a packaging project reproducing spaghetti silhouette and volume of the Chrysler Building in New York. A simple and seductive idea.

Signed Nosigner, "Cartesia" is a cabinet whose drawers open in 2 directions. Practical, minimalist and different.

Recycling old tables, the British designer Guy Brown created the original shelf for a shop in Nottingham.

Presented at the Design Week 09 London, this vase is signed for metal tubes of Welsh design studio Freshwest.

Offered by Best Friend's Home, "The Cubix" is a niche for dogs whose design is inspired by the Bauhaus and Modernist architecture.
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