At the origin of the Pilot Project, Guillaume Drapeau who entrusted ACT Architecture Design with an ambitious order: to combine in a single place and within a small space: a bar, a restaurant, a microdistillery and a microbrewery. The only place bringing together all these functions, the Pilot Project is unique in Quebec.

“Slab Collection”: this is the name of the collection born from the association of the Canadian furniture studio Union Wood Co and Alyssa Lewis of Studio Block. Their original purpose? Design and manufacture a series of seats called Slab Collection. The enthusiasm of the design community was such that the studios had the idea to expand the collection by adding tables, storage units and side tables.

Stéphanie Rouman has been at the head of the Atelier 159 showroom and retail site since 2009. A trendsetter, revealer of brands and designers, truly representative of quality know-how, Atelier 159 is much more than a simple shop ! It is a place of exhibition referencing many brands, which inspires visitors who find advice from wise experts.

½ Coffee & Bar is the story of a café/bar open since 2018 in Xiamen, China. A brand of coffee, integrating coffee (of course) and inn. The rapid development of the company allows it to launch branches in this same city and in the surrounding islands in 2021. PANDA NANA is then responsible for carrying out the design of the spaces.

Sara Badr Schmidt, visual artist and designer of custom mats, puts tennis in the spotlight with this Smash creation, a nod to lovers of playing on clay. Like a tennis court that defines play areas, Smash allows you to define a space.
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