Sara Badr Schmidt, visual artist and designer of custom mats, puts tennis in the spotlight with this Smash creation, a nod to lovers of playing on clay. Like a tennis court that defines play areas, Smash allows you to define a space.

Driven by creativity and innovation, the Dynamite brand is reinventing itself! In order to satisfy today's hyper-connected clientele, the space offers a unique omnichannel experience by connecting the digital and physical worlds.

Jeffrey Hutchison and Associates (JHA), the renowned New York-based commercial architecture firm, recently completed decorating the fashion, beauty and jewelry floors of the new Shinsegae Daejeon Art & Science department store in South Korea. A place that wants to be the regional landmark facilitating the meeting between culture, art and science in a futuristic environment... 

Here is some news that will delight burger lovers! PNY announces its arrival in Strasbourg, to be found at 77 Grand'Rue, a stone's throw from Petite France. After eight establishments opened in collaboration with CUT Architecture and Bernard Dubois, PNY takes the plunge and integrates a studio of architects and designers in house.

The agency was entrusted with the design of the experience and the creation of the architecture of this very first space in the heart of the very exclusive Mall of Oman. Objective: to create a “signature” experience and place to support the renewal of the brand. 

Michel Haillard's new minimalist collection, Antédesign, takes the signature design furniture that everyone knows and reshapes them in its own image. In the age of upcycling, Michel Haillard once again stands out for his singularity. 
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