The Serbian student group A7 stacked and sculpted the pieces of cardboard to create this installation between furniture and architecture. A small and light intervention that transforms and enriches space.

Created by London designer Damian Evans, the bench "span" consists of long curved stainless steel tubes. With a length of 2,50 meters, it can accommodate 3 people.

design studio from Lyon, NICU-e consists of Remi Bouhaniche and Amaury Poudray. The duo presents today some of his creations. Among them, the display "Evolution" and the stool "Segment" co-authored with Mary Declerck and recently published by Small Fry.

For the tenth anniversary of Designer's Days, the designer François Azambourg present in the editor Poltrona Frau chair a clay made from an African termite mound abandoned.

On the occasion of the 2010 edition of the Stockholm Furniture Fair, 12 Beckmans College of Design students display their creations. Among them, Oscar Andersson offers a sofa used in climbing ropes and woven.

With its "Spoon" series, the studio uses Verissimo teaspoons of coffee plastic to create lamps and furniture items. The fragment is geared down and disappears in the volumes created.

Parisian designer graduated from ENSCI, Arnaud Lapierre shows us the bottle "A drop". An extra lamp currently being edited.

The Belgian designer removes the lamp from its base and hangs it on a thin metal cable. Surprising and poetic, the "Ghost" lamp seems to float in the air.

Chilean-born designer based in Rome, Chaim Telias imagined this light suspension of polystyrene. A simple and fragile object that the user can scrape and scratch to change its shape. Customization by the destruction.

Japanese designer presents these two little feet on furniture. Two elements that can be used independently, joined, stacked or nested. Simple and rich at once.
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