Organic shapes, sensual lines, multiple references to Provence… the third collection by designer Margaux Keller is a tribute to the south of France. 

Since its creation in 2000, the Danish brand Bolia has championed contemporary design by collaborating with passionate designers. On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, it invites nine personalities to share their approach to creation and their vision of the world in a series of inspiring podcasts.

Organized by Muuuz magazine in partnership with a magazine, the Muuuz International Awards each year recognize the most remarkable products in architecture, layout and decoration. The call for applications for the 2020 edition is open until December 15, 2020.

Founded in 2015 by Matthieu Bourgeaux and Vincent Quesada thanks to crowdfunding, the TIPTOE brand promotes an eco-responsible approach and produces, in collaboration with designers, modular and sustainable furniture.

Young ceramicist Lisa Allegra explores the contrast and balance of matter with her hand-crafted terracotta pieces. For the designer, the earth is a unique material evoking both childhood memories and old objects. At the crossroads of craftsmanship and contemporary art, its “MOOR” and “APPAREL” collections invite us to discover its poetic universe.

In the light of the ecological crisis, designers and brands are reflecting on a different future and defending eco-responsible creation. Focus on three design collections which testify to a desire to produce differently.

Many young designers set out to conquer the world of design. Whether they work alone or in pairs, they are interested in the challenges of tomorrow's design and redefine the discipline. Zoom on seven talents to follow (very) closely.

It was during the last COLLECTIBLE fair in Brussels (Belgium) that we discovered the work of craftsman and carpenter journeyman Timothée Musset, who shapes old wood to create contemporary furniture.

Based on an original idea by gallery owner Jessica Barouch, French architect and designer Frédéric Imbert designed the two side tables from the “TRIBU” collection. With these hand-carved furniture, Frédéric Imbert announces the great return of concrete.

During the last edition of the FIAC, the fourth generation of Henri Matisse heirs presented to the world his new project: the Maison Matisse, a design editor that promises to reinterpret the iconic paintings of the great French painter into contemporary objects. For their first permanent collection, the Maison is teaming up with the Franco-Polish designer Marta Bakowski who imagines for the occasion crockery inspired by the 1939 painting, “The Music”.
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