Designer Liu Daohua often applies "architectural thinking" to interior design, combining shapes and colors to create spaces with strong visual impact and unique character. Enough to best reflect his way of imagining design. Here, it materializes in a game of aesthetic combinations that gives pride of place to oriental poetic flair... 

It is in a residential area of ​​Montreal that the Caledonia house, recently rehabilitated with a view to its expansion, is located thanks to a new extension at the back and the creation of a double garage. The operation also provided for a renewed landscaping. 

Once a classic hunting lodge, now a luxurious refuge for guests seeking peace and quiet in picturesque surroundings, Château de Vignée near Villers-sur-Lesse in the Ardennes has recently undergone a beautiful metamorphosis! The transformation is signed by the Belgian design studio WeWantMore.

Throughout the summer on the famous avenue du Mont-Royal, transformed for the season into a 2,5-kilometre linear pedestrian park and a cooling trail, walkers will be intrigued by a vaporous cloud in suspension that lets in a soft light, drawing on the ground shaded areas that move slowly with the path of the sun. The artwork titled Partly Cloudy with High Probabilities of “Wow”! thus floats at a height of thirty feet (nine meters) above the Place des Fleurs-de-Macadam.
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