Interior designer, Michael Malapert imagined these particular objects. The "interior jewels", XXL collars to hang on the walls and becoming objects of decoration, playing with space, light and reflections.

Equipped with a counterweight, the public bench "Pebro" stands when not in use. Between furniture and sculpture, creating a changing, reacting to user contact.

Inspired treats his childhood, Kevin Champeny created for this Jellio made light suspension 2000 small colored bear. Graphic and delightfully regressive.

Both bench and bike mount, Piano is a concept of street furniture designed by Swedish designers of ADDI. A hybrid proposal, an angular, binary and different design.

For the publisher Karl Andersson, the Danish design studio Poulsen & Ploug created this line of glass tables with fine oak structures.

Inspired by the works of MC Esher, the chair "Endless" is signed MT4 Architects, architectural office in Brussels.

  For offices H2 Printing, Paul and Benedict Coudamy Coulondres come to realize a modular office system composed of a synthetic material board on which are grafted various modules, feet, and storage extensions, adding as many additional functions.    

Multidisciplinary artist, both clown and designer, Russian Vanya Polunin proposes a world shifted and staff, combining architecture, design, sculpture and graphics.

  Consisting of over 1 000 bottles of Heineken beer, this stylized tree stands in front of a shopping center of Nanjing Road in Shanghai. Ecological and economic.
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