06.09.09 Useless Tool, and chaise between skyscrapers

Imagined by the designer Kossi Aguessy for "Please Do Not Sit" exhibition at the Tools Galerie, the chair to the throne-like inspired by the architecture of skyscrapers and design stealth fighters.

04.09.09 Handrail staircase light

Ideal for stairs or the dark corridors, this bright and colorful smooth consists of LED tubes with very low heat emission. A concept created by designer Croatian Zoran Sunjic.

02.09.09 Camper Bike Kevin Cyr

Designed by the New York artist Kevin Cyr, the "Bike Camper" is a hybrid creation between bike and camper. Improbable and inspiring.

07.07.09 N-Matic, and origami light

Conceived by Inga Mrazauskaite, N-Matic is a light soft and pliable for performing complex and changing forms.

03.07.09 Treepee suspended tent

Between Indian and attempts to cabin suspended, the Treepee can be used as a trampoline. Both shelter and playground, it has everything to seduce younger.

26.06.09 textile architecture

Young Russian designer, Irina Shaposhnikova replicates and assembles the polygons to create his models, introducing structures and unusual volume in the clothing world.

24.06.09 Urban Seat

On the sidelines of Designer's Days 2009, Damien Gires and had LePlanB installation "Urban Seat". From clever additions that reinvent the existing street furniture.

08.06.09 A modular wall and suspended

Imagined by Moorhead & Moorhead architecture agency, this system of metal panels can create personalized wall hanging and permeable.

05.06.09 Between mobile home and camping car

A group of Japanese friends began construction of his own motorhome from an old commercial vehicle. A clever Convertible van into 2 storey house.

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