Between buffet and functional wall, "Oma's Rache" is a retractable kitchen composed of telescopic and built-in elements. A creation by Ilja Oelschlägel.


Playing both the role of bar, kitchen and storage, "Oma's Rache" ( "Vengeance grandmother" in German) incorporates in its 67 cm thick table and telescopic seating, sink, shelves and a fixture at the top.

Hidden at the bottom, one could also integrate dishwasher, oven and fridge ...

Outside of meal times, only a smooth and immaculate wall remains visible, a wall which emerge recessed contours of furniture and hidden elements.



A solution adapted to small spaces, with a total lorsqu'inutilisée sobriety and perfectly functional once deployed.



For more information on "Oma's Rache" is here.


sources: Likecool & Compact kitchen

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