Between screen and movable partition, between transparency and opacity, the latest creation of this young designer impresses with its complex shape and the optical effects it generates.

Conceived by Blood Hoon Kim, A design student at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfiled Hills - Michigan, this screen is a slatted structure made up of slats with sinuous and continuous curves.

The design of this partition is born from the reflection of the designer on light, its movements, its refraction, shadows created on. The shape, curves, contours of the object are changing indeed with the view. Depending on its position in space, and the observer will draw the wall and recompose, opacity or transparency vary.

With this object, Sang Hoon Kim offers us a different way to partition the space, sculpt without smothering, temporarily, changing, light and permeable.

Still in the prototyping phase, this Sang Hoon Kim project should be published soon.

To learn more about Sang Hoon Kim, discover its online portfolio.

sources: The Design Blog

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