Between classical tent and tree house, the Treetents are shaped tents teardrop hanging from a tree trunk. An original solution devised by the Dutch design studio based in Rotterdam Dré Wapenaar.

The Treetents structures consist of tubular steel and stretched canvas fills.

With 4 2,75 meters height to meters in diameter, the Treetents can accommodate and provide sleeping for a family 4 people through their internal wooden platforms and equip the mattress.

Event structure, temporary housing, hermitage, tent or cabin for children, the possible uses are many.

Initially, the first models of Treetents were designed for the activists English Road Alert Group, a militant group against massive deforestation due to the construction of roads and highways in the wild. To conduct their actions and delay as much as possible deforestation, members of the Road Alert Group and have established temporary camps among the trees, stowing their trunks Treetents.

If you experience tent, the campground Hertshoorn The Netherlands offers several Treetents for rent.

sources: Dré Wapenaar, Ardoer et Inhabitat

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