While space is a luxury more and more expensive, the folding table Private Dining offers a complete dining room that folds into a cupboard after use in only 17 cm deep.

The Private Dining folding table is the work of James Plant, a young English furniture designer who graduated from Buckinghamshire New University. In this project, the doors of a simple cupboard open to reveal a table and two benches facing each other, each accommodating two people. Once used, the furniture folds up in the blink of an eye and disappears into the wall to free up space. The designer also takes advantage of the interior of the closet. He covers it with tapestry and uses its depth to create privacy, to offer a nascent alcove, a cocoon. 

Find a product demonstration video:

[youtube] FUj1vkqihog [/ youtube]

Playful, practical and easy to use, the James Plant table appears as an ideal solution for small spaces and is sure to inspire architects and designers in their reflections. Above all suitable for domestic use, Private Dining could just as easily find its place in a restaurant or in a bar as an extra or evolving space.

To learn more about James Plant and his creations, visit their website.

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