With its Green Cuisine Concept Kitchen, recently unveiled in Moscow as part of Simplictiy Event 2008, Philips offers us a pioneering prototype that could well foreshadow the kitchen of tomorrow.

With this new concept, the manufacturer offers a kitchen organized around a single table within it integrates all the elements and common household appliances: sink, stove, etc.

But the real innovation lies elsewhere. Indeed, the Green Cuisine Kitchen Concept allows food to be cooked or water to be boiled anywhere on its surface. Built-in sensors will detect the presence of your pans or saucepans, wherever they are on the table, and will trigger them to heat up directly from below. Note that this system will be reversible since it will be possible, quite as simply, to cool your food or keep a wine cool by placing it on the table.

The temperature released on the surface is fully controlled thanks to sensitive panels with integrated LEDs. This sensitive technology will also be used to regulate the temperature of the water even before it begins to flow from the tap, thus avoiding waste.

Below, an integrated collector will recycle your peelings and waste to create compost to grow your herbs at the same table. A concept as playful and ecologically.

Last precision, perhaps the most surprising, according to Philips all these innovations should be put on the market here in 3 5 years.

sources: T3 et Philips

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