Designed by Gerard Moline and produced by Droog Design, the Nest House is a shelter suspended in trees. A project that is of slight and ephemeral in its context.

Both makeshift housing, hermitage, observation point for bird watcher and hut for children daredevil, the Nest House offers an unusual and unique perspective on nature, immersing the user in the middle of wildlife and the surrounding flora.

Like a bird, the inhabitant of the Nest House establishes his dwelling in trees, height, exploiting a previously unexplored area.

Nest House consists of a perforated lightweight metal frame suspended by some ropes. In the interstices of the taut strings, the user is dragging branches and foliage. It recycles the materials at his disposal to complement an existing structure and make the walls of the shelter and sleeping. In the way birds build nests.

For more information, visit the sites of Gerard Moline and Droog Design.

Source: Likecool

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