"Architectural Furniture" is a series of hybrid mobile elements combining architecture and furniture design. Designed by the Japanese studio Atelier OPA, it is a relevant response to the development of small living spaces where flexibility is often a necessity.

Kitchen, office, bedroom, three functions that are often associated with dedicated rooms in our apartments or houses. Japanese studio composed of architect Toshihiko Suzuki, artist Yuki Sugihara and designer Munetaka Ishikawa, theAtelier OPA combines these basic architectural functions with elements of furniture. Series Architectural FurnitureLiterally "architectural furniture", allows to develop a tiny living space while making it flexible and transformable at different times of the day.

With Architectural FurnitureEach core function of our domestic world is ensured by a retractable element of furniture on wheels. "Mobile Kitchen", the mobile kitchen with hob, sink and storage space can thus be opened and deploy at meal time and close later to make room. Similarly, "Foldaway Guest Room" column compact, folds out to provide a bed, a shelf and some arrangements apoint in passing friend. Finally "Foldaway Office", foldable desk, takes the same principle, offering chair, desk, built-in lighting, shelves, drawers and various storage.

Under the pen ofAtelier OPAThe furniture is transformed. It opens to faders, generate within it new spaces and describe the surrounding space. The user lives in the cabinet.

Check out this series of video furniture:

[youtube] 66PXaQw8xo4 [/ youtube]

For more information on the genesis of the project and its theoretical foundations, visit Kenchikukagu ​​in its English version.

Source: Kenchikukagu

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