Highly acclaimed at the last Salon Dusseldorf Caravan, the concept "Mehrzeller" renewing the aesthetic of its kind and offers the user a unique and customized. Dimensions, interior and exterior appearance, the object will be original and unique.

The caravan concept "Mehrzeller", meaning "multi-cell", was developed by Christian Freissling and Theresa Kalteis, two Austrian designers. Developed in partnership with big names in European industry such as BMW, the model surprises at first glance with its faceted and angular design, far from the usual codes of this sector.

Its hull is in fact born from an assembly of panels with irregular shapes and defines in negative a prismatic interior space which is reminiscent of many formal posturing of trendy architects. However, this faceted aspect is not limited to an aesthetic bias.

Indeed, thanks to this panel structure, the caravan will not have a predefined shape. When ordering, each customer will have access to a Online Configurator. Whether in couple or single, with or without children, with or without dog or cat, wishing more or less beds, technical equipment, spatial fluidity, transparency or storage, he will be able to define the product the more suited to his needs. Once manufactured, each caravan is thus made unique, in its exterior and interior appearance. The user's choice is therefore no longer limited to a few details, it is indeed his living space that will be designed here to suit him.


For more information, visit Mehrzeller.

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Source: Squob

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