With some accomplices, Bruno Taylor turns a London bus shelter are grafting a swing. An installation that invites us to think about a fun and different practice of public space.

Stressing that many children use public space as a playground, a young newly graduated designer Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design takes possession of a bus shelter Exmouth Market to realize there an ephemeral response.

By removing one of its glass walls and hanging a swing to its metal frame, Bruno Taylor adds a new function to the existing bus shelters. And the expectation becomes recreational.

With few resources, the designer intends to make practicing more fun city, without adding new elements of street furniture but using and transforming the objects already present. Beyond the gesture, Bruno Taylor asks the intervention of public space and invites us to rethink the use, make evolve uses.

Check out the video of the installation:

[youtube] nDqbb0eHVXA [/ youtube]

Source: Pixelsumo

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