A Brazilian manufacturer enlisted the talents of Zaha Hadid to design a shoe model. If the scale of the project changes, the style of the architect remains recognizable at first glance.

After working with Chanel for its traveling pavilion, it is today MelissaBrazilian shoe manufacturer known for its environmental commitment, which combines Zaha Hadid to design a shoe model out of the ordinary.

Between organic shapes and sharp lines, while fractures and diagonal, the model "Melissa + Zaha Hadid" leaves no doubt as to the identity of its creator. Made of recyclable plastic and offered in 8 colors, the shoe will be launched on 18 September at the London fashion week.

Amusing detail, passersby can also discover a giant reproduction of the model, made of resin, on Oscar Freire Street in Sao Paulo, the Melissa Gallery. With these shoes XXL architect intervenes indeed in the city and expresses its style, but architecture that remains here that the scale of the intervention and the claw of the designer. A promotional event that is sure to make people think.

Discover a video presentation of the installation:

[youtube] y8D6C0HeAG0 [/ youtube]

sources: (Vogue et Melissa Plastic Dreams

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