If she could suffer a sometimes cheesy and franchouillard picture, the caravan offers a playground dreamed architect and designer. Imposing a tiny living space and a density functional extreme, it forces the designer to deploy treasures of creativity and offer the user another way to live.

In the summer, discover some of the latest remarkable productions in the sector.


folding caravan

Foldoub is a concept designed by folding caravan Niels Caris. Clever, this Dutch designer prompts the user to tow less to live longer. Compact and easily towable, the caravan unfolds in effect until arrival at destination. In the manner of motorhomes that populate the paddock of the Grand Prix F1, the shell opens and unfolds to multiply the living area.

Between tents, caravans and mobile homes, Niels Caris proposes a hybrid model. No doubt, with its crimson red dress, its large round windows and its playful concept, Foldoub dusts off the old caravan cubic and off-white.

sources: Auto Motto et Niels Caris

Between caravan and green space

Another Dutch designer, Kevin Van Braak provides us with Caravan a small corner of nature along the way. Tractable and more dedicated to urban use, it unfolds in the heart of the city to offer passersby a miniature garden, with flowers, plants and home to a makeshift campfire.

This playful proposal, if it seems closer to the artist's view that the mass of product, may well find its audience, including the achievement of development or the organization of temporary events in urban areas.

sources: Designklub et Kevin Van Braak

Icon of yesterday and today

With his model Design Within Reach, Airstream continues to innovate. The US manufacturer of these mythical caravans inimitable look has indeed achieved one of its latest models in collaboration with Design Within Reach, US distributor of modern furniture and contemporary luxury.

Behind its aluminum skin characteristic of the brand, this new model for two fits into a small space a kitchen, a dining area, a double bed, a wet room, some storage and a telescopic awning outside.

Obviously functional, this model is distinguished above all by a contemporary interior, incorporating the latest technologies but also the creations of some big names like Tom Dixon design. Flat screen, sound system trendy, upscale bedding, stylish coat rack, design dishes: next summer for sure, it's the American classroom at the campsite.

Source: Airstream

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