Designed by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and Anthony van den Bossche, Local River is a home storage unit for fish and vegetables. A policy, and sustainable alternative proposal which questions our lifestyles and consumption.

Local River is based on the philosophy of locavore, an American group that intends to consume food produced in their immediate environment, to reduce the ecological impact of the transport of food and to control its traceability. With Local River, Mathieu Lehanneur and Anthony van den Bossche and invite the user to store its own freshwater fish while cultivating his vegetables house in the domestic sphere.

The functioning of this miniature ecosystem is perfectly regulated. The installation transposes the techniques used in some organic fish farms combining fish farming and lettuce cultivation in floating tanks. The fish evolve here in a closed aquarium on which come to rest organic shaped glass containers welcoming vegetable crops. Thanks to a system of pumps, the plants are supplied by fish water, water laden with excrement and rich in nitrates. These same plants naturally filter nitrates and keep water suitable for the life of fish waiting to be consumed.

Local River fits as well in thinking about sustainability and offers an answer to our growing need for healthy, fresh products, also advocating the consumption of freshwater fish in response to overfishing of endangered marine species.
Check out the video of the installation Local River:

[youtube] jHeeAqWKNlg [/ youtube]

Source: Mathieu Lehanneur

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