Discover Torn Lights, the wall mount luminaires line designed by Billy May. At the intersection of design and architecture, these objects disappear and blend into their support for their effect.

Billy May, a young New York designer who graduated from Washington and Lee University, gives us his thoughts on wall lighting here. With Torn Lights, he draws objects with curved and complex shapes that are doomed to disappear. Its LED lights are in fact designed to fit directly into the wall, to blend into its surface, ready to be covered with plaster, paint or wallpaper.

With Torn Lights the object disappears, it melts in the architecture and stands out as an event of accidents on the flat surface of the wall that hosts. Depending on the model, the wall appears scratched, pierced or split. Positioned in a corner, an edge or in the middle of the wall, the luminaire emits an abstract light that the visitor does not distinguish the source. This light is surprising, it disrupts our reading space. Indirectly, it appears to be from the wall itself or the next room ...

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source: Designklub

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