Discover the work of John Nouasening, young French designer. An overview of his projects that invites us to reflect on popular culture as a source of inspiration.

Trained at the European Institute of Design of Toulon, John Nouasening first practices his talents in Paris and London before settling in Anglet on the Basque coast.

In his work, the designer observes common uses, the everyday and the trivial, is inspired by everyday gestures, little things. Let us quote by way of example Tilted Soup Plate, its soup plate inclined bottom facilitating the meal or Boy, Bar-furniture inspired by the silhouette in black and white waiter.

The sketches of John Nouasening bathe in a pop culture specific to his generation. Video games, skate and street culture, it multiplies the winks. With its flowerpot Warp Zone XS, he reinterprets deftly the universe of Mario Bros, with Pong3DIt offers a game table near the tennis and directly inspired Pong, historical video game of the 70s. His projects thus take on all their flavor for those who will be able to decode their origins and their references. Quirky, original and fun, they are sure to appeal to fans and young adults fed on Nintendo and manga during their young age. 

But this citation design, certainly rooted in its time, remains nonetheless very exclusive, taking the risk of disqualifying some of the public. Certain objects, once abstracted from their references, could indeed seem very bland to those who do not share the author's cultural references. For other creations however, there is no need for "teenager" references, the object is sufficient on its own and seduces in a glance, simply obvious. The most telling example is undoubtedly the table Paint Or Die But Love Me, Suspending plateau on which we would have paid a bucket of red paint firefighter, feet discreetly taking shape in runs. Graphic, simple and effective.

To discover other projects John Nouanesing, visit their website

sources: Trendsnow et John Nouasening

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