Vanya Polunin, clown et designer

Multidisciplinary artist, both clown and designer, Russian Vanya Polunin proposes a world shifted and staff, combining architecture, design, sculpture and graphics.

On its website, Vanya Polunin says: "I grew up on the road (traveling with my parents), we have a theatrical backround, a sort of gypsy circus if you will, but on a larger scale," Slava's Snow Show "(just did broadway in december). So my whole life i was amazed and inspired by anything creative, from theater through fashion to furniture design. At this point of my life, I am interested in the subject of learning, and I am in the process of learning how to do it. and intended to be watched, my installation is an environment (an unfamiliar one) that would be a part of the world. "

To learn more about his work, it is click here.

Also visit his blogs Vanya Vanya et Fuck Yeah Vanya Polunin.

Vanya Polunin is currently performing in Paris at the Slava's Snow Show at the Monfort Theater. To find out more, it's here ou the.

Check out a teaser of "Slava's Snow Show"