Loxolop par Ebere Groenouwe

Created by designer and artist Ebere Dutch Groenouwe, suspended Loxolop lamp is inspired techniques of origami. A lamp made of 2 pieces of recycled paper interleaved.

On Loxolop, Groenouwe Ebere says:

"The Loxolop is a single object functioning as a hanging lampshade. The design Arose from the study of origami techniques. From this ancient Japanese art paperfolding Dutch designer and visual artist Ebere Groenouwe, adopté the philosophy That Paper and imagination is all you need to Develop interesting and functional designs. Other means clustering frameworks like, adhesives or nails and pins are Unnecessary.

The Loxolop contains two of mere shapes, qui When folded together form a three-dimensional object. You can use your own lampfitting without dismantling the wiring.

The biomorphic character of the Loxolop icts find inspiration in Nature Resembling wings, flowers, leafs, stems, lobbing plants and insects.

The lamps are made of waste paper from the juice packaging industry. This firm, plasticised paper is very suitable for lighting Because of its nice transparency. All loxolops are handmade by the artist herself. "

To learn more, visit Loxolop.

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