Demonstration de Philippe Malouin

On the occasion of the "Demonstration" exhibition, the Paris gallery NextLevel us discover the creations of Philippe Malouin, Canadian designer based in London. Objects to the minimum write a reflection on the structure and balance.

"Demonstration embodies his own personality and the fundamental values ​​of this designer. The title of this exhibition echoes both the French and English sense of the term. Demonstration is the result of a search for the quasi-scientific balance of a structure in aluminum where the connectors act as points of tension and whose angles are invariably at 45 ° or 90 °. Demonstration claims a design stripped of any illusionist effect, superfluous, where the only aesthetic charge is revealed by a light metal frame strong architectural potential. Philippe Malouin pursues his approach to the minimalist representation of the object. 5 tubes, 000 different connectors, are assembled by hand with care providing support for the functional elements - Ollie lamp, Alice lamp and Rad & Dar table He reaffirms the place of the object in space and its perspective - Robin mobile - and testifies to his particular affection for the illustrious of minimal art - Isa Wall Hanging. "

Photos: NextLevel Gallery

The exhibition will be visible from the 19 12 May 2010 March to nextlevel Gallery, rue Pastourelle 4, 75003 Paris.

For more information, that's here.

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