Eric Jourdan : Formes

Eric Jourdan unveils its "Shapes" series Gosserez Gallery in Paris. For this new series, the designer has created pieces like constructions, expressing his passion for architecture. Console "Promenade", the cabinet "Tower Mirror", floor "sign", three parts

 lacquered metal and walnut veneer and ceramic vases "Blocks" and depict assemblies, stacks, permeabilities, the balances and imbalances.

The exhibition "Shapes" Eric Jourdan will take place in the Gallery of Gosserez 2 February to April 7 2012.

On his work, Eric Jourdan says:

"At the beginning I never envision an object or a piece of furniture in its entirety, I draw a detail (an assembly, a hollow, a junction ...) which will lead me to another and another ... The whole is a juxtaposition of elements that I will later organize. This method, or rather… not method, is linked to the practice of drawing which creates a continuous link between all these outlines of shapes. Later comes the organization of these shapes and I build, I assemble elements which at the beginning can become different objects, so on the same blank were the console and a secretary. I stack and after I remove. The ladder does not have not important at the beginning, it will be determined when we make the dimensional drawings and I readily imagine these objects as constructions, architectural objects with trays, pillars, openings, in short, a language rather linked to architecture, a field which fascinates me. The vases presented here derive from the same method except thatthe relationship to volume is even more linked to architecture; besides, I'm not sure I wanted to draw vases, I see buildings there with their concrete walls, the overhanging cornices, the curves emerging from the formwork. My references in an exercise like this are closer to Marcel Breuer's Whitney Museum than to Sèvres porcelain. All of this should therefore form a landscape or going back and forth between the different pieces will make it possible to understand this assembly as a whole, just as the drawing is a whole which brings together ideas.

Furniture and objects drawn, endlessly, at first all alone on notebooks, on paper, with no other interlocutor than me, using the same pencils, markers and others, this is what might seem somewhat primary or simplistic as a system of development of an exhibition project. But drawing can be a freedom or a prison; it depends on where we stop the infernal machine which consists in blackening entire notebooks. This is where your interlocutor comes in, the one who organizes, clarifies, makes you step back and for this exhibition, that was the role of Marie-Bérangère Gosserez. You might think that showing your work in a gallery is a kind of outlet allowing the designer to free himself from industrial or commercial constraints (which I am increasingly confronted with) but no, design does not happen by itself , without drawing, without gallery owner or without industrialist… Through this exhibition, I want to show that everything will always be only exchanges, erasures, disappointments, tensions, returns, progress, pleasure. I don't believe in artist postures; in our business everything is only co? production of concepts and SHAPES ".

Gosserez Gallery

3, Debelleyme street

75003 Paris - France

To learn more, visit the site ofEric Jourdan and that of the Gosserez Gallery.

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