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TF Urban and Marc Aurel combine to 21s design, a range of street furniture with minimalist lines combining lightness, comfort, friendliness, well-being and sustainability.


The living room is 21s metal seating consists of benches, chairs and a coffee table with soft and elegant forms whose interchangeable seat in stainless steel, wood or ceramic blends into any urban space.

"A street furniture that gives a human face to the cities of tomorrow" TF Urban

Lecture on the occasion of the International Design Biennale in Saint Etienne in March 2015, the 21s show was widely praised by all users. Following the marked test, the city decided to acquire the lounge 21s and to use it in its own advertising campaign.




Muuuz What should you think the characteristics of the ideal urban furniture?

Joel Lemoine Street furniture has four main features: be comfortable, be beautiful and pleasant to touch, be resistant to attack own the urban world; finally convey an image corresponding to the expectations of the project owner and or elected.
This last feature is most subjective as it is she who takes the most discussion and exchange between the team designer / manufacturer and the customer.

Muuuz The studios and Aurel TF Urban collaborated to design the show 21s. Can you tell us about the process that gave birth to this collection?

JL Mi 2013, a large European metropolis asks Marc Aurel to imagine the new city heart of the bench with the task of replacing a historical model. TF urban and Marc Aurel already working at the time; so they decide to conduct this joint project. Aurel studio begins his creative work with the areas of research: enroll in a design between memory and modernity in line with the identity of the city; respect for the environment in the selection of materials and their treatment; Innovation through the implementation of ceramics (as well as wood and stainless steel), mastered cost (purchase + installation + maintenance).
During this research stage, which lasted four months meetings are held between the two studios and Aurel urban TF. As to the project takes shape the feasibility of different tracks are validated 2014 start. Many returns are made in the city behind the application, the project is refined to get to the selection of a mid 2014 model. Finally, the last phase, the manufacture of prototypes and collaboration with partners. It is at this stage that the Craft (Regional Center of Arts of Fire and Earth) is urged to design the ceramic layers. Several prototypes were made that allowed both to validate the proportions and the general line but also validate the technical solutions. In March 2015 the product is launched commercially during his first public presentation at the biennial Design of Saint Etienne.

Muuuz What are the constraints related to the design of street furniture? How to address them 21s the collection?

JL Generally street furniture must meet various constraints such as a good level of comfort and ergonomics and for all audiences, a target longevity 10 years, mastered a price to enable its deployment in large quantities, a simple and inexpensive maintenance. The 21s collection meets these requirements: the ceramic low maintenance and resistant to various attacks, as well as tags, it is always clean because self-cleaning. Concerning the comfort: the presence of armrests and a backrest bring great comfort essential for the senior audience. Longevity is guaranteed by the nature of the materials used in the effect of the range 21s structure is stainless steel, treated rilsanisation. Its price has been contained by optimizing the amount of material used. Finally its maintenance is inexpensive because of a minimalist design, it has a small area not conducive to tags.

Muuuz As part of the call to test bench project and the Design Biennial of Saint-Etienne, 21s room was exposed in March 2015 in the heart of the city. Can you describe this experience?

JL Indeed partners Étienne region wished to promote movable projects and innovative urban objects through the call for projects "test bench" at the last Biennale March 2015. The 21s lounge which includes a bench, two chairs and a coffee table, has been installed on the Place Jean Jaurès for a period of one month. During this time the city of Design and the City staged a user survey. It shows a satisfaction rate of 90% of the audience especially enjoyed the friendliness, comfort and organization of space "urban lounge configuration." It is a real satisfaction for the teams of TF and Aurel studio to see that the furniture on which they worked for almost two years filled his role perfectly, it goes beyond since it creates a real feel of space concrete contribution to better live together. The team of the city of Saint Etienne realized the impact of this event that goes beyond a simple urban bench, she has also decided to make the acquisition and s 'use in its communication campaign "design currency Saint Etienne".

The 21s salon TF Urban is the winner in the category MIAWs 2016 Outdoor / Urban furniture.

For more information visit TF Urban site.

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