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Alape has 2Step, basin with its unusual design whose name reveals the special feature: the tank, strictly geometrical shape, provides a component intermediate flange valve block.

"Two floors give depth to the basin, while dividing the tank and the valve block into two distinct levels. The block valve is proving a practical space." Alape

The basin 2Step consists of glazed steel, a material characteristic of the brand. The steel used for the body basins measurement 3 mm thick and gives forms purity and accuracy. Resistant and recyclable, vitrified steel is recyclable 100% without any impact on the environment.



marie bellenger Dornbracht


Muuuz In your own words, how would you define the bathroom?

Marie Bellenger Long time now, the bathroom, once considered a strictly functional room became a real living space in which users have become locals. Dornbracht has contributed to this development as a pioneer in studying the rituals and sequences (actions) of the individual and creating the concept of "ritual bathroom." Dornbracht has initiated and encouraged an artistic reflection on the theme of water and brought an innovative look at what the bathroom, thus expanding its water expertise and design by integrating two major development areas : technological progress with the development of electronic products and prevention of health. Place of healing, the bathroom is transformed into a real "Private Spa" where all attention is focused on the individual and his needs recharge his batteries by reducing stress and promoting recovery.

Muuuz The use of glazed steel is the trademark of your products. What are the advantages of this material?

MB Innovative, basins and planes Alape washbasins glazed steel, impress with their surfaces and geometries developed with precision. This incomparable purity of forms is the result of a high degree of accuracy of traditional methods, but most of the vitrified steel is used, a material serving a maximum precision and with pride to the customization possibilities. This composite material resulting from the combination between a light once the steel body and durable and homogeneous glass surface extremely thin, can create innovative shapes as well as technically functional and guarantees a maximum degree of flexibility in terms of design personalized, for, unlike the ceramic basins are not associated with any predetermined mold. Alape products are characterized by the accuracy of their lines and their forms: the tolerance is only +/- 1 millimeters. The integration into furniture or plans then absolutely precise. Alape is also specialist in the construction of basins flush with an edge of 3 mm in planes. The glaze applied particularly fine form a very hard surface that resists all shocks and scratches. The vitrified steel is recyclable 100% without any impact to the environment. The vitrified steel is hygienic and easy to maintain.

Muuuz 2Step has the peculiarity of having a pool in two parts. Can you explain this concept?

MB The name of this range reveals its peculiarity: the bottom of the basin, strictly geometric shape provides a second level that can install the faucet block. With the range "2step", two aspects stand out: the basin edge only 3 mm and faucet feature block. Two floors give depth to the basin, while dividing the tank and the valve block into two distinct levels. The valve block is proving a practical space. Thanks to edge over the entire periphery, it can ask its objects while maintaining the own plane and the cabinet. Next construction or the personal preferences of the constraints, the valve block can be placed to the right or left, or parallel to the wall. The asymmetrical model is available in widths 525 and 700 mm. The symmetrical position, meanwhile, is reserved for 500 600 mm and widths. "2step" is available in two variants: for installation recessed or flush. The recessed basin is an extremely fine special solution for which the edge of the basin beyond the plane of 25 mm. For flush mounting, the upper edge and the plane of the material are flush, thus forming a harmonious whole, with a nearly invisible joint.

Muuuz What types of programs cauldron 2Step is it best (hotel, residential, ...)?

Mr. B. The basin 2Step can fit in all bathrooms, private bathroom as a hotel bathroom.

The range 2Step Alape is the recipient of MIAWs 2016 in the category Bathroom / Basin.

For more information visit the site of Alape.

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