Bette : BetteLux Oval Couture

Developed by German brand Bette and designer Dominik Tesseraux, the collection BetteLux Oval Couture Combines vitrified steel and upholstered fabric in a collection of baths and basins that are both refined and comfortable.

The association of the designer Dominik Tesseraux and the specialist of vitrified steel Bette was born from a common desire to bring warmth and textile feel to the bathrooms. From this collaboration hatched BetteLux Oval Couture, A collection comprising an island oval bathtub of 188 x 85 centimeters and a round bowl, also in an island, with a diameter of 55 centimeters, both made of vitrified titanium and clad in a quilted textile from the German manufacturer JAB Anstoetz. Available in foam, ivory, carbon and mixed gray, it is also perfectly possible to choose the coating in a wide range of available fabrics.

"The BetteLux Oval Couture line elevates the bathroom accessory to a lifestyle object [...]. The unique benefits of enamelled titanium steel blend elegantly with the feel of the fabric and its comfortable look. " Bette

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This waterproof assembly offers the comfort of a lounge sofa in the water room, reinforcing the relaxing aspect of this space already linked to care and relaxation. The use of the fabric also has acoustic properties, thus insulating its owner from the rest of the world for a heightened well-being. This mold-resistant textile is easy to maintain and has already proved its worth on outdoor furniture.

To learn more, visit The site of BetteLux Oval Couture

About Bette
Bette is a German family company founded in 1952, specializing in high-end bathroom components made of steel-titanium enamelled alloy. The brand constantly seeks innovation and has designed, for example, the first independent wireless bathtub and the first built-in shower on the floor.

BetteLux Oval Couture is the recipient of MIAWs 2017 in the category Kitchen & Bath / Bathtub.
To learn more, visit Bette site.


The choice of the editorial staff

The bold combination of comfort and luxury in the BetteLux Oval Couture collection makes this line not only innovative, but also gives it an unmistakable look. For these reasons, the Muuuz editorial team awards him a Muuuz International Award in the Kitchen & Bath / Bath category.

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