Jeunes talents : Paris Design Week, Prix du Jury Rado Star Prize 2017

For the seventh consecutive year, Paris Design and the watchmaker Rado are organizing the design competition Rado Star Prize. For this edition, the participants focused on the theme "Materials Technique". Following careful selection, the jury rewards The once liquid plastic, An epoxy resin shelf made by Julien Manaira.

Based in Amsterdam, the Nice designer Julien Manaira, graduated from the Reims School of Art and Design and the Sandberg Institute (Netherlands), and his project The once liquid plastic, Receive the Prize of the jury, chaired by Philippe Nigro who greets "The interesting ascetic quality of the forms and the use of the material that responds fairly to the statement of the theme".

To answer this question, Julien Manaira does not choose to study an innovative material but to work the textures. It thus chooses to shape epoxy resin until a translucent appearance is obtained, between plastic and glass. From these researches results a shelf of 95 x 70 x 20 centimeters to the purified, minimalist and tripartite design.

"I particularly appreciated the deliberately unfinished effect of the object and its contours that arouse the question. The designer succeeded by superimposing three layers of matter, hence the sensation of depth obtained. We liked the result. " Philippe Nigro, designer

Beyond his experimental approach, the young creator also wanted to make palpable the links between manufacturing processes and materials. This is seen in particular through the degraded pigmentation which reveals the different layers of resin cast manually in molds, the thickness of which depends directly on the hand of the manufacturer.

The jury also selected nine creations that currently compete online - until 9 September - to obtain one of the two Audience Awards that will accompany the production of Julien Manaira at the exhibition "now! The Off ".

Vote to reward one of the Radon Star Prize 2017 projects www.radostarprize.fr Until the 9 September.
Exhibition "now! The Off ", from 9 to 13 September 2017 at the Docks - City of Fashion and Design in Paris (13e).

For more information, visit the website Rado Star Prize

Photographs: DR