Jeunes talents : Villa Noailles, Design Parade

For the second consecutive year, Villa Noailles organizes the Design Parade, a festival honoring design and architecture, in Hyères (83) and Toulon (83). Through two competitions, the organizers of the event wish to promote the young creation and the talents of tomorrow. On this occasion, four prizes were awarded.


Grand Prix Design Parade of Toulon Van Cleef & Arpels: Imajaghan, By Paul Brissonnet and Alexandre Benjamin Navet
Paul and Alexandre imagine an environment modifying the housing in order to stimulate the imagination of its occupants. They are graduates of the School of Design of Nantes-Atlantique and the ENSCI - Les Ateliers de Paris. Inspired by the way of life of the nomads, Imajaghan - meaning "warrior" in Berber, - uses the codes of the Haussmannian apartment, such as a chimney topped by a trumeau, adding reliefs to the ground, and a multitude of chests containing elements of the life of all The days, like dishes, books, household appliances or food. These things anchored in our daily life thus become little treasures.


Special Jury Prize: The abandoned beach, Mathilde Vallantin and Victor Levai
The two Parisian designers - she graduated from the Ecole Duperré, he of the Beaux-Arts of Paris - realize a room in the style of a cabin by the water. On the ground, pebble and wave patterns lead us to a plaster rock, the centerpiece of the composition. This sculpture conceals a cozy night space, conceived as a nest, with wicker volumes bringing a feeling of protection to this sleeping space with pillowcases evoking the movement of the waves. Around the central rock is also a water point thought as a space of relaxation which will shelter reads and moments of rest of the residents of this room to the scents of holidays.


Special Mention Eyes on Talents x Frame: Tool One, Martial Marquet
Martial Marquet, trained at the South Californian Institute for Architecture in Los Angeles (USA) and graduated from the ENSCI - Ateliers and the Special School of Architecture of Paris, imagines a modular and warm dining room. In contrast to aseptic spaces, this refectory uses the primary codes of food sharing, namely interaction and conviviality. Here, the environment evolves according to the wishes of each and the guests themselves assemble the different elements that make up their furniture - stools, table legs, or lamp holders - using red modules, Many pre-drilled MDF panels than steel tubes or bulbs.


Public Prize of the City of Toulon: The room on the water, By Emmanuelle Simon
Organized around a bed arranged in a central island on a stack of four carpets, the room imagined by Emmanuelle Simon, a graduate of L'École Camondo Paris, is composed of natural and comfortable materials such as linen or wool. The bed rests on a platform in birch, inspired by a boat, and is surmounted by a structure in large braided arches that envelops its sleepy owner. The light is filtered by translucent curtains reminiscent of the sails of a ship, inviting a sea voyage.


Grand Prix Design Parade Hyère: Future sausage, By Carolien Niebling
The work of Carolien Niebling, a graduate of the University of Arts Artez in Arnheim (the Netherlands) and of the ÉCAL in Lausanne (Switzerland), where she lives and works today, takes up and questions the codes of an element , Not the most glamorous, European gastronomy: the sausage. Through Future sausage, The designer values ​​his manufacturing process - an edible envelope, easy storage, direct consumption and minimal waste production - while questioning his nutritional, ecological and hygienic values. She imagines an edible design range combining dietary and aesthetic ingredients. The whole is also accompanied by an illustrated book presenting in a scientific, playful and plastic way the full potential of a flagship element of sausage.


Special Jury Prize: Hale Bopp, By Léa Bardin
Through a playful and childish project, Léa Bardin, a graduate of the ENSCI - Les Ateliers, makes poetic robotics. She realizes here a project made of imaginary and sonorous shapes, a thousand places figurines taking up perfect human bodies and presupposing scenarios, altering the imagination of the youngest. Thus, the bird of its range sings if placed at eye level, but emits aquatic echoes when it is lowered to the ground and noises evoking space when raised to the ceiling . The designer produces here a magical collection, whose name is inspired by the comet Hale Bopp who brushed the Earth in 1997, when she was a little girl.


Special Mention Eyes on Talents x Frame: Workforce, By Ragna Ragnarsdottir
Ragna Ragnarsdottir is an Icelandic graduate from ENSCI - Les Ateliers who now lives and works in Reykjavik (Iceland). She imagines a collection made with a unique craftsmanship. The base of these containers - vases or bowls - is always the same, made of black MDF discs superimposed and tinted in the mass, overhung by a container whose dimensions vary. The designer then inserts a flexible mold made of a latex membrane lined inside a polystyrene counterform and filled with several layers of colored aqueous resins. Once dry and released from their latex shackles, the different objects are matched by imaginary and random landscapes.


Public Prize of the City of Hyères: To be or not to appear, By Arthur Hoffner
The Parisian Arthur Hoffner, a graduate of Ecole Boule and ENSCI - Les Ateliers, is interested in the theme of the fountain and tries to rehabilitate this obsolete object, a bit kitch inspired by the universe of 'home appliance. Starting with plumbing hardware and using its components, with practical as well as plastic qualities, he realizes decorative sets suspended or placed in balance on everyday surfaces. We then find in its forms the contemplative and hypnotic function of the fountains, placed this time in contemporary interiors.

Design Parade Toulon and Hyères (83), until 24 September 2017.

To learn more, visit The site of the Villa Noailles Hyères

Photographs: Emile Kirsh and Lothaire Hucki

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