Studio 5.5 : Atelier Tarkett

On Friday, at the Paris Design Week, Atelier Tarkett opened its doors. A space of presentation of the products of the manufacturer of eponymous floorings, but not that! Beyond the blue case designed by the studio 5.5 in the heart of the Marais, the brand offers a place of exchange, exhibition and open co-creation to all - architects, designers, students, prescribers, etc..

Professionals of architecture and design, you are not here in a space where one is content to look. On the contrary, here, we experiment, inspire, conceive, put our hands to the paw. You are in a place seen by its creators as the extension of your agency. A concept that goes beyond the simple showroom or sales area. Welcome to Atelier Tarkett!

To renovate 340's two-storey square-meter premises located on rue Saintonge in Paris (3e), the company entrusted the project to the talented 5.5 studio - which, as its name does not indicate, is composed of four members - with whom she had already collaborated in 2011 with Karpett, a hybrid object located between the sofa, the carpet and "comfort unwinder". A diversion of the material that the designers pursue here through multiple objects designed to measure that mark out this old jewelry factory, including a library, a box area - in which to search around - a room meeting and a ID lab dedicated to digital and experimentation, all of which benefit from their own identity and materiality. Straight suspensions, offices and other seating areas thus reuse the brand's products in a variety of ways. An overlay of carpet tiles becomes a sofa, the cut of a roll of PVC added to four wooden legs turns into a stool, parquet boards are transformed into reflectors of light, etc. There could be no better publicity for the brand that shows in this way all the creative potential offered by materials that sometimes have bad reputation.


"We started from the observation that the choice of flooring is often made at the last minute, while it may be at the heart of the project. " Jean-Sébastien Blanc, co-founder and creative director of the 5.5 studio

A coherent approach for its CEO France, Guillaume Teixeira who had given designers a single constraint, formulated by an interrogation, "How to show differently? ", because "The 5.5 have been on the other side of the mirror, they are the target of this type of place".

In addition to furnishing the furniture, this is the first interior design project of the designers who have chosen as red thread ... the blue color of the brand - RAL 5013 for the intimates -, which also echoes the blue work , the blue powder used to mark the soil on the sites and at blue print, "Technical plan" in English. A global concept, ranging from the realization of a graphic charter to spatial design, which marks the will of the manufacturer whose history dates back to 130 years of "breaking the codes" of the development of its ranges, and more generally a reconsideration of the needs of its target.

From floor to ceiling, Atelier Tarkett will transport designers who will be able to discover the full potential of floor coverings that have so often - and wrongly - bad reputation.

Atelier Tarkett, open Monday to Friday, 43 rue de Saintonge, Paris (3e)

To learn more, visit the site of Tarkett

Photographs: DR