Événement : Les coups de cœur MAISON&OBJET

For its September 2017 edition, MAISON & OBJET invited the editorial staff of Muuuz - partner of the event - to be part of the LES DECOUVERTES jury. The team not only awarded a prize to their favorite product, but also had the pleasure of gleaning the novelties. Back to the editorial staff's favorites.

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Laureate of the DISCOVERY PRIZE awarded by Muuuz: Kidney by Maison Vervloet
The result of the exclusively Belgian collaboration of designer Jean-François D'Or and the manufacturer specialized in luxury ironwork Maison Vervloet, the collection of door handles Kidney is inspired by the look of the pipe that the creator held in his hands at the time of the conception of this series - perhaps also in homage to his compatriot Magritte and his famous "This is not a pipe". The result ? A pure brass object with incomparable polished finishes. Available in several colors, notably in blue, a daring nuance and yet of extreme refinement, it particularly pleased the editorial that rewards him without hesitation.


Kandinsky, by OIA
Designed by André Teoman, a young Portuguese designer, the side table range Kandinsky edited by the Lusitanian mark of stone tables, is inspired by the works of the Russian painter of the same name. The simple geometry, the lightness of the structure and the colored marble are reminiscent of the expressionist compositions of the artist. Revisiting the use of the noble materials of which they are endowed - marble and brass -, the different models detonate by their original form and color.



The Danish company of the renowned architects Lassen presented many products from its new collection. Among them, the armchair with the organic curves The Tired Man in sheepskin and wool, invitation to relax. The range of caissons in pure oak, Frame, has also attracted the editorial attention with its resolutely Scandinavian look and functionality. Finally, a small decorative object has played its part: Stropp, a suspension in sobriety leather and brass with multiple functionalities - hook, bottle holder, newspaper holder ... A collection so complete that it is difficult to remember only three achievements!



BIG EL + YU SET + CHARGE BOX by Konstantin Slawinsky
The German company Konstantin Slawinski, specializing in steelwork, was able to show all the creative possibilities offered by the material during MAISON & OBJET. The editorial staff first noticed curious little geometric elements with unfinished lines, named BIG EL. Cales? Shelves? Wall panels? BIG EL is a bit of all this at once. A unique storage accessory, magnetized and available in a wide range of shimmering colors. A little bigger but equally astonishing, the CHARGE BOX, always made of powder coated steel, makes it possible to hide the unsightly power cables in a box whose tray is declinable in leather, felt or cork. Finally, in a more important format, the YU SET is a set of customizable and combinable modules allowing to create a unique piece of furniture according to your needs and desires. You can choose wood essence, shades and add doors or walls to your liking. A beautiful way to organize your interior as you see fit.



Minima Moralia + Falstaff + Nightingale by Dante - Goods and Bad
Continuing our journey, the team came across the creations of Dante - Goods and Bad, an Austrian brand as impertinent as it is seductive. Among the many pieces of furniture, a Japanese screen has attracted the attentive eye of the editorial staff. Minima Moralia, realized by the French designer Christophe de la Fontaine is a sensual element to the steel structure which seems indeed to be straight out of an Asian film. At his side throne the armchair Falstaff whose folds in the Bordeaux leather seat beseech us to take their place. Equally attractive, Ninetingale, minimalist and futuristic lamp, diffuses a soft lighting. Carnal works that made us turn our heads.



Text Block + Twist Scissors + PlusMinus Screwdrivers by TRE Design
In a totally different style, the minimalist creations of the Polish designers TRE also captured the attention of the editorial staff. Camping in the middle of the stand, a huge shelf with simple lines and purified, Text Block, materializes the expression "simple and effective". Here, no superfluous frills. The essential is enough to make this set of modules designed by the compatriot studio, an element of elegant and contemporary furniture. In a smaller register, designer Donata Rucinska designs Twist Scissors, a pair of matt stainless steel scissors with a timeless shape inspired by surgical instruments, perfectly adapting to both right and left-handers. The brand reinterprets the classic screwdriver by transforming it into a tool closer to the art object than the DIY case. Like what, nothing serves to complicate to dazzle!



Wall Mirror + Organize + Floating Leaves by Moebe
Beautifully sober, the creations edited by the Danish firm Moebe are no less strong. Like the works of the artist Kasimir Malevitch, the elements of decoration of the mark simplify the lines and retain only the essential. In this context, Wall Mirror consists only of a reflecting disc and a discrete brass hook. Moebe creates small rectangular boxes of untreated oak, sold flat and self-assembled, which can be covered with a brass plate to hide his trinkets. The assembly forms Organized, a harmonious tote. Oscillating above our heads, Floating Leaves is a collection of "botanical frameworks", the result of collaboration with the creators Paper Collective and Norm Architects. What to bring a little greenery, sweetness and elegance in a city environment.



Lloyd + Duplex + Facett by Puik
The creations exposed by the Dutch of Puik detonate by their original materials and forms. The use of leather in suspensions lloyd, drawn by Nieuwe Heren, shows for example an unusual use of this material. The steel wall shelf Duplex, imagined by Frederik Roijé, follows the same path with subtle additions of geometric elements to the basic tablet, thus making it evolve into a contemporary (art?) object. Perpetually looking for the limit between traditional and unconventional style, Puik and designer Lex Pott design the range of mirrors Facett combining geometric rectangular shape with gold or silver faceted glass. What to stand out without having to play the extravagant.


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Little Sister + Wolverine + Funambulb by Superlife
To close his favorites, the Muuuz team was interested in the playful and lighter achievements of the Swiss firm Superlife, starting with its contemporary and ergonomic library Little Sister. Platforms of different sizes make it possible to install objects of any size. Always with a view to simplification of use, the Helvets imagine glutton, a console suspended from the facade composed of elastic bands concealing a hollow space in which it is possible to stow various things and catch them just by slipping his hand through the ribbons. A funny lamp also seduced us, Funambulb, composed of a long cable of 2,90 meters on which one walks a round bulb. Childish functioning suitable for any interior.

To learn more, visit the MAISON & OBJET website

Photographs: DR

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