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In response to student housing issues in Bangkok, Thailand, the AP Public Company Limited real estate group has commissioned the Fabrica Italian Research Center to rethink shared housing. The result of this work: Space Scholarship, an apartment containing modular furniture and removable, which offer young people a place of life both collective and intimate.

Founded in 1994 by businessman Luciano Benetton and photographer Oliviero Toscani, Fabrica is an artistic and social research group based in Treviso (Italy), whose subjects are as varied as they are varied: design, architecture, video, journalism , or even music.

First concrete application of their studies, prefiguring a long series of achievements to come, this student residence represents a real challenge for researchers since its main goal is to host seven young girls and boys, who have never met before and whose origins, religions, culture and experience are all very different.


For this, Sam Baron, designer and artistic director of Fabrica, imagined a modular furniture, which can easily change position and function, to best meet the needs and varied habits, such as work tables that can be unfold and double surface or be compartmentalized to promote the concentration of students. The wood, used for the entirety of the furniture, constitutes the unifying element of the whole, enlivened by some touches of bright colors orange or blue.

The girls' room is a spacious studio of 33 square meters open to a kitchen and a small living room, with bunk beds integrated into a large light wood furniture, which can be opened or closed depending on the desired privacy. The space of the boys consists of two shared rooms of 12 square meters each where there is a mezzanine, placed on either side of a kitchen open to a common living room.

An atmosphere full of vitality of serenity, perfect for a first departure in life.

To learn more, visit the Fabrica site

Photographs: Fabrica

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