Stine Mikkelsen : Tactile Monoliths

At the Aybar Gallery in Miami, Florida, Danish textile designer Stine Mikkelsen diverts the use of everyday objects by incorporating raw and enigmatic textures. A unique collection located on the border between decorative element and conceptual work of art.

Always fascinated by everyday objects and their many functions, sometimes hidden, the Danish artist Stine Mikkelsen, based in Copenhagen (Denmark), was inspired by the port of Marstal - in the south of the country, where she was born and grown-up, and its rough, rough textures such as the aging wood of pontoons or ropes and mooring chains, to create this set of six enigmatic telluric objects.

If some of his works have identified uses - a watering can, a flower pot or a lamp - others are more mysterious. Stine Mikkelsen's intention here is to create, as she says, "Intriguing elements to push the boundaries of textile design and how it is produced today, but also to capture the attention of the one who looks".


"I regularly create collections, striving to find harmony by combining different materials, scales and colors. To make objects, the material and the manufacturing process are always the starting point and after a series of experiments I start drawing them. " Stine Mikkelsen, designer textile

Made from granite and fish glue, these custom-molded sculptures ranging from 10 to 80 centimeters high are also designed to highlight the traditional fishing and navigation trades, which are part of the heritage of Canada. 'a nation.

A very original proposal that is part of the continuity of the work of the artist, in perpetual questioning on the subject and its transformation.

To learn more, visit le site de Stine Mikkelsen

Photographies: Stine Mikkelsen

Tactile Monoliths from Stine Mikkelsen on Vimeo.

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