Dante – Goods and Bads : Affection Sérieuse

A love story, with a big A, the work of the designer? With or without capital letters, this is in any case the track explored the team of designers of Dante - Goods and Bads for their 2018 / 2019 collection. A clean line that reflects the relationship between artists and their achievements, without fuss or rose water: in two words, a Serious Affection.

Irreproachable and insolent at the same time, the Dante - Goods and Bads design editor is one of those rising houses that remind us of the audacity of the first in the class, humble geniuses at the same time so talented that their work exasperates as much as he fascinates. An ambivalent reaction that, when you think about it a bit, is not very surprising, since the founding duo formed by Aylin Langreuter and Christophe de la Fontaine has fun playing paradoxes. She is an artist; he is an industrial designer; together, they publish their own products where others appeal to an outside society, indiscriminately eliciting rejection through each of their pieces of furniture.

Dante's youngest daughter - Goods and Bads, Serious Affection is an exploration of the "Mechanism of creation itself, and the network of emotions that accompanies it. (...) It is a process marked by separation, by the suppression of the superfluous. (...) It is sending our brave little objects to the big world and let them defend themselves alone "explain the designers to tell the twenty screen, mirror or service that make up the collection.


A quest for the essential not without elegance and it is possible to discover until November 18 in Luxembourg in the shop Paul Smith, who agreed to "adopt" the creations of the team led by Aylin Langreuter and Christophe de la Fontaine as part of the biennial Design City. The second proof that Dante has not finished surprising us (for now) in good, as (perhaps a day) in bad ...

To learn more, visit the site of Dante - Goods and Bads et from Design City

Photographs: Katarina Ćirković

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