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If the model of startups - and especially their workspaces - has its detractors, it also has many followers. Conviviality, vivacity, naturalness are all qualities that the supporters of these innovative companies put forward to defend them. It's for "Insufflate" that particular spirit that the Steelcase furniture publisher®, specialized in the tertiary sector, today offers BIVI, a collection of office furniture as flexible as a Swiss knife.

Composed of several different modules that can be associated with envi, including benches, visual partitions, small dressers, tables and even skate racks, BIVI (whose name comes from "bivouac") is the product of long observation studies operated within real startups. "We conducted a survey of more than 500 companies with less than 100 employees to understand what factors are shaping startup culture", explain the spokespersons of the mark. Thus, they identified four values ​​that would define this business model: the passion (for the work and transmitted by a "leader", the authenticity (implying to be able to behave with his colleagues a little like at home), the personality (being at work is not incompatible with sharing one's passions) and finally flexibility (chair and desk are no longer essential: an ottoman can also do the trick!).


In terms of materials and colors, the collection also plays the card of plurality: various finishes are proposed to further emphasize the already pronounced aesthetics of the range. A way according to Steelcase® to present visible products and assumed for consumers more sensitive to design, far, far from the classic gray desk, cold and impersonal that was little law in our workspaces ...

To learn more, visit the Steelcase site®

Photographs: Steelcase®

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