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Petite Friture, design editor, presents PING, a collection of ceramic containers in the shape of penguins designed by András Rigler. A real family story, since PING is made up of a dad, a mom, a baby - and even a grandpa! - but also because the collection is inspired by memories of the designer's grandparents ...

Four penguins with a minimalist design used as ceramic containers, larger or smaller depending on the family member represented. Called PING, this series was born from a childhood memory: a Soviet iron toy - also in the shape of a penguin -, placed in the pantry of András Rigler's grandparents, and which seemed to watch the aisles and from the inhabitants in the house. A real starting point for the designer, who wanted to reinterpret and share his own Madeleine de Proust.

But far from being satisfied with just producing a single piece, András Rigler imagined an entire family, ranging from the baby who still seems stuck in his nest (13 centimeters high) to the dad, who can boast of reach 33 centimeters. Ironically, the last born in the family, the grandfather, has recently been added to the collection. Regardless, if each PING has a unique design, all are clean, minimalist and white. The aesthetic differences are slight, but they remain, and make each of the alcids a unique life companion, to be placed in any room or any piece of furniture. It's going to frolic at home!

To learn more, visit the site of András Rigler  et from Petite Friture

Photographs: Petite Friture


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