Pedro Venzon : Tríptico Infame

Who said that design could not be political? Certainly not Pedro Venzon, Brazilian designer, whose creations refer to the colonial past of Portugal in South America. Through his trio of stools "Tríptico Infame", the designer evokes, in turn, crafts, architectural traces left by European settlers, religion or sexuality. An entire program...

If Brazil is fascinating for its sandy beaches, carnival or talented musicians, the largest country in Latin America is also known for its complex history, its social inequalities and its current policy change. A multi-faceted territory honored by local designer Pedro Venzon with Anca, Intercourse et Teta - translate "hip, coitus and nipple" - wooden stools carved by hand to unstable balance unstable. A deliberately wobbly rendering that echoes the multiple contradictions of the country's history.


The works, located between furniture and artistic sculpture, are inspired by the Christian religion and the "objects of damnation" - remember that Brazil is the largest Catholic nation with 89% of the faithful - but also the organic architecture made curves and arches left by Portugal.

"I have been observing religious art for some time, especially Portuguese work. I see the three pieces as a punitive device, a marker of sinful bodies, a remnant of colonization. " Perdo Venzon, designer

The silhouettes of seats with names evoking sexuality are reinterpretations of the bodies of sinners mutilated by religious asceticism and converge severity and levity in the manner of punishment and the spiritual. While expiatory punishments mark the body, colonization has also marked the walls of Brazilian cities, finding that Venzon retranscribes brilliantly in his creations.

When aesthetic and political meet.

To learn more, visit Pedro Venzon's website

Photographs: Pedro Venzon

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