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Since yesterday, until the 24 next April, the daily life of the Stéphanois is punctuated by the Saint Etienne International Design Biennale (42). Offering a multitude of imagined exhibitions on the theme of common ground, the event is a gold mine of experienced designers and promising talents. Among them, the students of ESADSE have distinguished themselves by developing the city of tomorrow. Focus on a unique vision of the city.

Between exhibition and sensitive experience, Stefania is a utopian city where the delimitation between East and West no longer exists. Governed by a vibrant temporality, the metropolis lives in accelerated, changing of face to the rhythm of the hours: when one year passes with Stefania, it is a day which happened in our world. A biennial every two days, a world cup every four days and a number of events and events that delight the many visitors of this city of the future.

"Stefania is an agora of the creation of tomorrow. " Olivier Lellouche, Stefania's scenographer and teacher at ESADSE.

Consisting of 12 buildings and a public square made by students of the School of Art and Design of Saint Etienne, the whole - inspired by European and Chinese urban models - is invested by the students who become tour in tour servers, preachers, nightclub patrons or pompists, making this place a living exhibition where each of the structures has its own story, defined by the works. The works displayed on the wooden walls - from the local nurseries -, were designed by boarders of 28 European and Asian schools. Associating the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Xian, Wuhan, London, Dijon, Brest, Strasbourg, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux or Annecy, the concept brings together metropolises with diverse cultures in a neutral and playful, acting as a harmonious meeting of moments and moments and not as a purely contemplative still life. Stefania amuses, documents, enchants and gives matter to reflect without distinction of visitors. Thus, amateurs or design professionals appreciate the project in their own way, according to the different keys of reading proposed.

The initiative is part of a pivotal year in the world of architecture and creation in general: the centenary of the Bauhaus, a model of idealistic and multidisciplinary teaching that revives here with freshness, in a social theme more than ever inked in news.

Would Stefania be the city of possibilities?

To learn more, visit thee ESADSE website that the Saint Etienne International Design Biennale
Photographs: Olivier Lellouche, Saint Etienne Biennale and ESADSE

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