Événement : Neotenic Design

Player, capricious, fun ... The emotional design also has another name: Neotenic Design, - which takes its aesthetic sources in the early 2000 years in Japan, Denmark, USA and Italy -. A mode of conception which takes again the soft forms of the childhood to translate them into tender objects in a collection exposed to A / D / O. A world worthy of Walt Disney, fantastic and colorful.

Referring to a theory of the ethologist Konrad Lorenz (1903-1989) - which matches the juvenile physical traits in objects, animals or people to a neurological phenomenon that solicits a positive response from those who observe them - Neotenic Design (in French neoteny) reflects an important emotional component through the eponymous collection collected by the firm Jumbo - studio founded by Justin Donnelly and Monling Lee. It is associated with chubby shapes, thick legs, chubby feet, fluffy textiles etc. A well-documented aesthetic theory in the cartoons of the 1930 years of Walt Disney, and materialized in the automotive industry for over a century.


Neotenic Design takes into account the irrational aspect and the nostalgic attachment of men to reassuring and gentle objects. The affectionate feeling, which is triggered when the observer is confronted with a touching vision (like young children, animals, or inanimate objects) is the subject of the work of several designers exposed during the event "Neotenic Design" , last March in Brooklyn (USA), retracing the history of this significant movement in the history of design.
The exhibition is organized by the firm Jumbo, which presents its research on the premises of A / D / O (the Amalgamated Drawing Office), a former warehouse of 23 000 square meters in the industrial area of ​​the city.
She describes these familiar and practical objects in a selection of creations by designers Konstantin Grcic (German designer), Jaime Hayon (Spain), Faye Toogood (London designer), from Big-Game design studio (based in Lausanne, Switzerland) among others, which are in a setting that combines the simple and cozy objects to the silky textiles of the scenography moderated by Aileen Kwun.

Konstantin Grcic, known for his angular and geometric aesthetic, adapts his sensitivity to Neotenic qualities with his Sam Son Chair, a monochrome seat with a noodle-shaped foam back.
The creations of Big Game design, a studio founded in 2004 by three former student friends, also testify to a sensitive and organic form, with the famous Bold Chair and its folded and padded tube, designed in 2009 for the French publisher Mustache, and which is part of the permanent collection of the New York MoMA.
More anecdotal forms appear with the creations of Pierre Yovanovitch, interior designer since 2001. Example with its Baby Bear Armchair (which is part of its collection "OOPS") whose voluptuous contours refer directly to the carefree childhood and soft toys.

The return in strength of a softer aesthetic? In any case, what the exhibition seems to suggest ...

To learn more, visit A / D / O sites, Big-Game Design, Pierre Yovanovitch

1) Exposure to A / D / O ,, Neonetic Design, up to 28 March 2019

2) Olo Light, 2016, Jean-Baptiste Fastrez for Mustache; terracotta furniture, 2016, Chris Wolston; Baby Bear Armchair, 2016, Pierre Yovanovitch;

3) Sam Son Easy Chair, 2015, Konstantin Grcic for Magis; Roly Poly Chair, 2018, Faye Toogood for Driade; JWDA Metallic Table Lamp, 2014, St Jonas Wagell for Menu; Kirbies, 2018, Talbot and Yoon.

4) Arathorosis - Neotenic Table light, 2018, Jumbo, Table Dot Light, 2016, Sylvain Willenz for TossB; 7M Chair, 2016, Ara Thorose
5) Ceramic lamp by Eny Lee Parker
6) Concept mock-up for the exhibition "Neotenic Design" at A / D / O, photography by Pippa Drummond
7) Ood Studio, Head-to-Head Chair
8) Bold Chair, Big Game Design, 2009
9) Tube Chair by Objects Of Common Interest and Falke Svatun

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