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The design studio based in Hong Kong offers a collection of office accessories with clean lines and pop colors. Far from the classic and boring pencil pots, the firm presents three objects, small in size but big by the idea: the Invisi Pen, the Ruler Dock and the Balloon Docks.

Ergonomics, ease of use and attractive design: this is the mantra of Raft Wong, founder of Rcube Design Studio who thinks "That a qualitative design can significantly improve the quality of life". A philosophy that applies not only at home, but also in the office, where we spend most of our days. If our apartment is our taste, the work environment, meanwhile, is standardized by constraints that we can not control: open space, size of the workstation, brightness etc., so many factors that prevents us from we feel completely at ease during our work days. To help personalize this space and make it both practical and enjoyable, Raft Wong designs simple, elegant and stimulating objects.


"Our objects combine simplicity, innovation and minimalism from natural materials. A variety of raw materials ranging from brass to concrete has been carefully selected for our production. " Raft Wong, designer and founder of Rcub Design Studio

It is in this process that he imagines the Invisi Pen. All dressed in brass, the Invisi Pen is both a piece of contemporary decoration and a pen that promotes the experience of the pen rather than typing.
The RulerDock, meanwhile, is well and truly anchored in the 21th century. With its look of school ruler - 15 centimeters - the object combining concrete and silicon conceals an iPhone charger and serves as a support both vertical and horizontal to our cell.
In the same universe, the BalloonDocks also allow our smartphone to be recharged. Always with a candid inspiration and available in several bright tones, the BalloonDock, made of rubber and plastic, is a docking station to fix on the wall, in the manner of a hook dedicated to the technology. What to chew our daily life, between meetings and records that accumulate.

A collection that awakens our child's soul!

To learn more, visit the Rcube Design Studio website

Photographs: DR

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