Alison Thirion : Collection Muralla

The French ceramist Alison Thirion, exhibited at Maison Archik in Marseille (13), makes us dive into the waters of the big blue with its series of cups and pitchers, as graphic as delicate, inspired by the architecture of Muralla Roja de Spanish Ricardo Bofill.

Archi graphic, the Muralla collection of ceramist Alison Thirion transports us in the footsteps of her childhood in Spanish lands. Handcrafted from white sandstone and blue enamel, this series borrows the aesthetic of the architecture of the Muralla Roja erected by the architect Ricardo Bofill on the heights of the village of Calpe (Spain) 1973 .

If the blue Klein color is a nod to this labyrinthine citadel of the Costa Blanca where different shades of blue and pink blend, the cut of each piece refers to the constructivist style of the many stairs of the building to modernist accents.

nomini 2

Unveiled at Maison Archik's Phocaean antenna for its ninth exhibition, Alison Thirion's service - consisting of a cup, a mug, two pitchers and a cup - is set in dialogue with a series of eight signed prints of Studio IGO photographers.

A poetic tribute to the Mediterranean and urban culture of Marseille (13), their adopted city, to discover until 23 August 2019.

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Photographs: Tiphaine Caro; Gregori Civera