Studio 5•5 : Cabane Ricard Plantes Fraîches

Housed in abundant vegetation on the Provence plateau of Valensole (04), the Cabane Ricard Plantes Fraîches is an ephemeral installation imagined and arranged by Studio 5 • 5 around the new product of the Marseilles brand. The main objective of this atypical and solar refuge is to recreate the link with the surrounding nature while telling the story of pastis. Unusual discovery.

Founded in 2003 by Vincent Baranger, Jean-Sebastien Blanc, Anthony Lebossé and Claire Renard, the Studio 5 • 5 is a collective work that develops a personal approach to both global and multidisciplinary design and creation in an approach always ethical . With the Cabane Ricard Plantes Fraîches, he celebrates the latest Ricard reference by offering a stay in the heart of the countryside of Haute Provence (04), where the pastis was born. Already in 2017, the agency had collaborated with a brand of alcohol by producing for Campari a limited edition box of its famous Milanese beverage, the Campari Tonic.


Imagined as a unique place of inspiration, the cabin is a kind of plant workshop that offers a return to the sources. The playful and bright maisonette has a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, an outdoor shower and a large terrace, whose summer atmosphere is accentuated by the bright colors - yellow and green - of the structure, the walls and the furnishing. . Designed in a logic of circular economy and recovery, the house is decorated with furniture and antiques found locally at yard sales and from farmers in the region. This obsolete furniture meets the contemporary creations of Studio 5 • 5: the coat racks and lamps of the "object kitchen" collection (2009), the Sutra table and sofa designed for Ego Paris (2019), as well as the products made for Ricard since 2017 - the basket, the Broc, the Cagette - to name but a few.

The spirit of the hut, designed according to the new floral recipe of Pastis, wants to be simple and natural, just like the brand. Here, visitors are invited to understand Ricard's authenticity and craftsmanship in an immersive space that establishes a direct relationship between consumers and product, fields of lavender and aromatic fennel to discover this legendary appetizer.

An experience not to be missed for holidaymakers visiting the South this summer.

Photographs: Studio 5 • 5

To learn more, visit Studio 5 website • 5

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