TheSize : Neolith® Mar del Plata

Specialized in frosted stone, TheSize charm us today with a new model with a unique identity: Neolith® Mar del Plata. Defined by its unpolished appearance between marble, slate and concrete, the slab fits into the trend of natural materials and gives kitchens and other bathrooms a raw atmosphere that will lack only a few touches of greenery!

«Back to the sources! ". The style desks seem to have those words in their mouths. And for good reason, a real desire for authenticity is manifested in our way of consuming, from our shopping caddies to the layout of our home. Plants galore, neutral colors and raw and natural looking materials are our daily decor. A trend that the Spanish brand TheSize seems to have understood with its new realization, Neolith® Mar del Plata, a sintered stone slab inspired by the exotic granite Dark Pearl, a Brazilian stone from the Granith Collection of the brand.


New flagship model of TheSize, Mar del Plata man has wavy white quartz stripes on a gray background, giving the whole a texture close to that of slate. Manufactured by applying pressure and heat to the raw materials that make it up - clay, feldspar, silica and natural mineral oxides - the frosted stone slab has the most realistic rendering and stands the test of time. .
Most Mar del Plata man ? Its white and light gray streaks highlight the unique texture of its veins and texturize the product, creating a look close to mother of pearl and a unique feel.

Not only is the aesthetics of the range part of a natural style that is fashionable, but its manufacturing process also respects the environment. The slabs are made from HYDRO Neolith Digital Design 2.0, a water-based decoration technique that reduces pollutant emissions. The quality remains the same when the carbon footprint is reduced.

About Neolith®
The young Spanish company specialized in natural stone, TheSize, was born in 2009. It is a year later that it launches its first sintered stone slab under the Neolith® brand, which will make the success of the company and which is suitable both indoors and outdoors. The firm is present in more than 70 countries around the world.

To know more, visit the website of TheSize.

Zoe Térouinard

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