Philippe Malouin pour Iittala : Kuru

Designed for the Finnish brand Iittala, the Kuru collection by Philippe Malouin is an ode to form. Composed of glass containers and cast ceramic bowls, the series is intended to receive small everyday objects that usually hang on the table, but also to exist alone. Small sculptures which, we promise their designer, "Will bring harmony inside".

Known for his collections for SCP and Established & Sons, the Canadian-British designer Philippe Malouin today combines his talents with the expertise of Iittala, Finnish interior design brand, for the creation of Kuru, a set of vacuum sculptural pockets. Comprising a glass vase and bowl as well as three small ceramic bowls, Kuru declines the circular shape and puts the sweetness it inspires at the service of daily storage.


“The initial dossier required us to create a set of 'home displays' - objects that were both sculptural and functional. […] I wanted to design a collection that helps people create centers of gravity in their home and provides a place for precious objects and souvenirs, regardless of the size of their living space ” Philippe Malouin, designer

As always during an association, it was essential for Malouin and the representatives of Iittala to combine their two visions of design in the creation of this collection. Thus, the designer had to compose with the iconic materials and colors of the firm, such as glass and ceramics. However, wishing to bring a personal touch to it, the designer turned to a more experimental approach to ceramics, endowing his bowls with a textured enamel thanks to the application of a varnish after the casting phase. “Textured varnish is new to the brand, but I believe it adheres to its design philosophy. […] It is such a challenge to design something new for such a strong and large design company. We are glad it was possible. " concludes the designer.

A collection as practical as it is aesthetic.

To learn more, visit Philippe Malouin's websites and D'iittala

Photographs: Iittala

Zoe Térouinard