Johan Viladrich : Ratio

The young French designer Johan Viladrich (born in 1991) creates minimalist furniture from industrial materials. It was at the Brussels gallery Eleven Steens last January that we noticed his refined creations. Back to the “Ratio” collection which is the starting point for his quest for the perfect design.

In 2017, as part of his graduation project at the Design Academy of Eindhoven (Netherlands), Johan Viladrich produced structured and functional pieces - a bench, a console and a shelf - from industrial materials - cylinders, flats, planks or tubes - simply joined with thick elastic bands. Thus the “Ratio” collection was born.

Following in the footsteps of French designer Martin Szekely (born in 1956), Johan Viladrich favors function, use and exploration of materials. His “Ratio” collection is entirely emblematic of his research on form, style and the creative process. His silver RB bench (“Ratio”, 2017), which he also declines in bronze, is an assembly of industrial materials: two flat aluminum sections, three steel tubes and three stainless steel cylinders. The absence of patina, welding and manufacturing traces reveal the purity of the materials, the simplicity of the form and the delicate treatment of the surfaces, thus celebrating a certain industrial ideal.

Johan Viladrich develops a minimalist aesthetic by working with structured volumes and refined combinations of industrially produced objects. By focusing on materials, the designer gives pride of place to the structure, neglecting user comfort in favor of pure form. Despite their neutral formal appearance, these creations do not give up disrupting our relationship with the object.

Each piece results from a search for balance, a great technicality and a reflection on the furniture.

To learn more, visit Johan Viladrich's website.

Photographs: © Johan Viladrich

Léa Pagnier

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