Anne Marie Laureys : L'art de la céramique

Belgian ceramist Anne Marie Laureys (born 1962) works with clay and creates sculptural works. A glimpse of his unique artistic universe.

Anne Marie Laureys studied ceramics at the Hoger Kunst Instituut Sint Lucas in Ghent, and has explored the possibilities of clay ever since. His tool is the turn. His language is emotion. With her delicate abstract shapes, she infuses her own sensitivity to the earth. “My ceramics are metaphors of sensations,” she explains.

To successfully understand her work, you must first understand her experimental creation process, because Anne Marie Laureys explores the materiality of clay by giving shape to her emotions. She starts by turning a classic pot. Then, while the earth is still malleable and wet, it stretches it, bends it, pierces it. According to her, the process of artistic creation is a sensitive experience: “It is a physical exploration of the process, a phenomenon of action reaction between the hand, the brain and the matter. "

In her series “Høst”, “Clay e Motion”, “Push” and “Connect”, Anne Marie Laureys evokes this moment when an emotion crystallizes. These creations, which she baptizes "Metaphors of feelings", are interwoven sculptures made of voids, similar to sand dunes sculpted by the wind.

Hailed by critics, these poetic and expressive creations have been acquired by collectors and institutions, and are regularly exhibited. In 2021, they will notably be visible in his solo show at Taste Contemporary in Geneva and the “Colors, etc.” exhibition. »At the Lille Tripostal.

To learn more, visit the site of ceramist Anne Marie Laureys.

Visuals: © Anne Marie Laureys


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