The designer Paul Coudamy shows us his latest creation. The development of a Parisian apartment where a library of 17 meters long and unfolds articulates the different spaces.

On his project, Coudamy Paul says:

"The client's desire was to be able to live with his collection of books and films in his new Haussmanian apartment. Inserted along both sides of the load-bearing walls, the library articulates the different living spaces. Passing over the doors, it crosses the dressing room of the bedroom, creates a reception area in the entrance, is spread over two walls to form, in the corner, a raised office area with a bed for the guests under the platform.

From floor to ceiling furniture is based on a square grid of 20x20 cm. To store sizes of objects; the main plot for the portfolio grows randomly in the width and length to accommodate longer or high objects. A space is thus created for the speakers, umbrellas, A4 documents, a vase, a great book ... Within these cells out of closed storage blocks which house minibars, storage for a printer, a dressing room, shoe closet in the hall, spaces for folders ...

The library is sometimes “amputated” sometimes inflated by virtual spherical volumes thanks to digital manipulations. By varying the depth of the storage wall, homeowners can store books and objects of different sizes, they bring the furniture to life by surrounding themselves with their personal items.

The bookcase creates a blistered wall, the protuberances collide with the massive forms of the closed storage. Spherical erosions increase the wall by deforming its contours, this mutation generates strange perspectives. This second dilated wall fits into the classicism of the apartment. This hybrid object comes into confrontation with the symmetry and the rigor of the moldings and rosettes to produce a permanent reaction with the objects and the inhabitants who live there.

Project leader: Elody Leroy

Thank you to Antoine Pierre and Depeyre Brochot

Photographs courtesy: Benjamin Boccas "

For more information, visit the website Paul Coudamy.

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